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175+ team of 3D artists, AI, gaming, full stack, DevOps passionate of creating unmatched and immersive
3D experiences for brands globally.

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We engineer our creations!

We are working to solve, some of the toughest challenges in 3D, AR, VR and applying AI to solve these problems at scale.

We are working to create tools and platforms - meeting imminent demands of Gen Z & Gen Alpha.

With several patents, we do pioneering work to automate, immersive 3D experience creation across digital commerce channels.

We intersect Augmented, Virtual Reality, 3D Modeling, Advanced Image Intelligence, Computer Vision, Generative AI, Gaming and Data Analytics to make these experiences immersive!

Our Aspiration

Our Vision is to create Real Life like 3D Experiences across online, metaverse, instore and social platforms.

We at KiXR solve the problem of staging perfect 3D experiences in all digital channels for brands to create perfect product presentation and for end consumers to get exceptional immersive experiences.

We are creating a generative AI driven self-directed / self-serviced platform and a community of developers, artists that brands can subscribe to and create these experiences by themselves.

Leadership @KiXR

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Kavita Jha

Co-Founder and CEO

Execution Leader, Product Engineering @KiXR
20+ years of Product Development Experience

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Kiran Lakkapragada

Co-Founder and CBO

Sales and Marketing, Product evangelist @KiXR
25+ years of Product Marketing Experience

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Sirisha Lakkapragada

Head HR & Strategic Operations

Nurturing talent and creativity to scale @KiXR
20+ years of HR, Finance and Incubation

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Rahul CP

Product Architect - Web Dev

Pushing the boundaries of graphics with the power of programming

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Sunil Kasa


Creative artist, passionately creating alternative Verses

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Benraj SD

Product Architect - Game Dev

From sports fanatic to game developer, passion meets innovation



Aug 2018

Founded by seasoned techies, KiXR starts working on Computer Vision, 3D and Gaming to create immersive Try-On plug-ins for e-commerce


April 2019

Launches SaaS platform, with first offering as Virtual Try-On for Eyewear

July 2019

Acquires first two pilot clients in Eyewear


June 2020

Acquires 15 clients in Eyewear Virtual Try-on, market leadership in India Launches Jewelry category, with realistic depiction of metals and stones in 3D, AI driven Configurators for luxury jewelry


Feb 2021

Acquires one of the largest jewelry conglomerates, as client for jewelry configurators Winner of prestigious Nasscom Emerge 50 award for 2021

August 2021

Crosses 50 clients across categories Eyewear measurements – PD, Segment height, Pantoscopic tilt, Vertex Angle, acquires first client in the category

November 2021

KiXR 3D catalog crosses 100K products Launches face analysis for cosmetics and AR try-on for colored cosmetics


May 2022

Launches Shoe Virtual Try-on, acquires oldest and respected shoe brand from India as first client in the category Selected as start up in the category of “Future of Shopping” in

August 2022

Launches 3D configurator solution on 3D spatial reality displays on Sony’s SRD

November 2022

Launches Metaverse for platform for retail and businesses 3D catalog cloud crosses 250K products Crosses 1000+ stores presence


Feb 2023

Selected as one of the companies as part of SAP “Rising stars” Launches home category – furniture and furnishings for AR and 3D

April 2023

Launches generative AI driven self-directed apparel styling and 3D platform Acquires first client for its Metaverse “Spaces” product Team size crosses 100, with skills intersecting AI – computer vision, Image intelligence, Gaming, Web GL, 3D, Full stack, DevOps

May 2023

Launched 3D and VTO for Watches category

Working @ KiXR

Challenges and failures

Do these words sound like fun?

Creating a platform that is used by some of the largest global players, rubbing shoulders with their marketing and brand specialists, is something you aspire?

Meeting the grueling demands and requirements of the most respected, valued brands in the world, is something you are passionate about?

Creating tech that is used by tens of millions of users globally, sounds respectful to your profile?

Then KiXR is the place to be in!

We are always looking out for professionals in AI with Computer vision, Generative AI, image intelligence, 3D artists, gaming, AR, VR developers using WebGL, Unity, Unreal Skills.

We look for highly aspirational and ambitious team members just as our ambition of creating the most valued 3D experience company. Please note our expectations are more than a notch higher; If you think you have got what it takes to be a “Kiker”, please submit your resume and work.

We review all the resumes, and we will get in touch if our requirement matches your skills and work profile. No cold calls please.


Let’s make a great company together!

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