The World of Kikers!

"We believe in transforming the world into reality, which is really not real."

We are an AR/VR company in “Try Before you Buy” space targeted towards solving problems of the so-called Industrial Revolution 5.0 - meeting imminent demands of Generation Z. KiksAR’s platform brings real life shopping experiences to the digital world and extends it by offering fashion advisory.
We believe our idea will revolutionize the way businesses position themselves and the way people purchase online.
We intersect Augmented Reality, 3D Modeling, Advanced Image Intelligence, Deep Learning / AI, Gaming and Data Analytics to make these experiences real!

Our Aspiration

You, I, and everyone know that shopping online can lead to bad brand experience, as there is always a difference between a product image versus seeing, feeling and trying the product. At the same time, you don’t get advisory on fashion or style when you purchase online.

We at KiksAR are exactly trying to solve this problem on all digital channels for brands to stage perfect product presentation and for end consumers to get exceptional shopping experience with fashion advisory.

Our Team

Join the Adventure

We are group of highly successful technology team working passionately towards building a next Generation AR/VR platform to transform the way online buying is done today.... we are currently building our platform and looking to add people who share our vision and passion.

If you are into Computer Vision, AI/ML, Gaming and would like to change the world then send us your profile.